Top End Wedding
Australian, romance, 113 min, 2019
július 25 - 31.
A nice young couple wants to get married, and they have only ten days to find the bride's mother (who is of indigenous Australian descent) because she unexpectedly disappeared somewhere in the wild.
Ned and Lauren are living in a big city of South-Australia, and their life is just about perfect. When they decide to marry, things get complicated: as they visit the young woman's father they find out that the mother disappeared (or ran away to be precise) so they embark together on a crazy adventure, traveling across the beautiful natural landscapes of Australia in order to find the missing mother. The couple will get to know each other better during this unique journey, and they also gain an insight into aboriginal culture (Lauren's mother is from the Tiwi Islands). A moving, intelligent and funny romantic comedy, a recommendable and excellent summer movie experience, not only for couples.