Bread Festival
Budapest, MOMkult, 2019. augusztus 19 - 20.
On every 19-20th August in Budapest there is an event for the traditional bread makers. This year it will be held over two days with a lot of new programmes.
This festival gives a chance for real sourdough bread lovers to meet each other. They can exchange their experinces and views and they can spend time together. The Festival is a family day event with interesting programmes, workshops and stage performances. They would like to show how real bread is made with just flour, water and salt. The visitors can see and taste different types of bread. They will also organise a competition in several categories (bread, baguette, croissant, etc) for the amateurs and the professional bakers. The best bakers will receive a prize from the jury. This event will be a valuable experince for people who appreciate the genuine bakery products. Delicious beverages can be found too, supplied by renowned breweries and tea houses.