Downton Abbey
British drama 122 minutes 2019
2019. szeptember 12 - 18.
If you thought that members of the British aristocracy had spent their days drinking tea and eating sponge cakes between the two World Wars, you obviously haven't seen a single episode of 'Downton Abbey'.
The story is set in 1927, soon after the show’s story ended. The royal couple, King George V and Queen Mary intend to visit Downton, causing mayhem and excitement among the well-known characters. That sums up pretty much the plot of this slightly cheesy, but undoubtedly enjoyable film, which is practically exploiting the success of the hugely popular television series, aired between 2010 and 2015. As Caryn James writes at, the movie "offers the fantasy of an orderly, graceful world, the kind that is especially soothing in our own chaotic social and political moment."