WILL BE HELD! The Square
Presented by Asterion Project Theatre in English!
Budapest, RS9 Színház, 2020. március 14. 19:30
This play is about the painfully awkward first love: the invisible line between friendship and romantic relationship, the pressure of adapting to the norms of society, to ‘fit in’ and most of all – fear. The fear to accept ourselves and follow our hearts, the fear of how we may look to others and the intense fear of rejection.
Callie is an unhappy traffic reporter on a New York tv channel. Sara is a highly dedicated teacher in an under-privileged neighbourhood in the Bronx. What could they possible have in common?
Well nothing, it seems at first. They even seem to irritate one another when they first meet. Then the two women gradually become best friends, deliciously tormented by their quiet hints that they both want a more physical relationship. What could their future be in a society where not everybody is ready to accept their love?