Extraordinary measures due to coronavirus 12 March 2020 - 27 March 2020
Outdoors public events of over 500 people and indoors public events of over 100 people will be banned.
Screenings at Bem Cinema
The small venue has a friendly retro vibe so you can enjoy the cozy ambiance too. Remains OPEN ALL MARCH!
Interview with Bill Nighy
The British actor jumped headfirst into the production of 'Emma', a modern yet precise adaptation of Jane Austin's well-known romantic novel.
Budapest Photo Festival Budapest, Budapest Projekt Galéria, 28 February 2020 - 20 April 2020
This annual city-wide exhibition series called Budapest Photo Festival aims at presenting to the public the values and novelties of international and Hungarian photography. As every year, the Festival guides the audience to a new sequence of visuality with its opening exhibition on the 28th of February at MŰCSARNOK.
POSTPONED!!! Che Sudaka (ES) Budapest, A38 Hajó, 18 March 2020 Wednesday 20:00
Barcelona's salsa-ragga-hip-hop-punk-street-bomb returns after many years to the ship .
The Square
Two women gradually become best friends, tormented by hints that they both want a more physical relationship.
Mammal of the Year 2020 European Otter
This charming but elusive predator is perfectly suited to a life mostly spent in the water: they have webbed feet, dense fur and they can close their ears and nose while swimming underwater. As they require clean rivers and plenty of vegetation, it is no wonder that this unique species becomes more and more endangered.
The Art of Banksy: Without Limits Budapest, Tesla Budapest, 01 February 2020 - 30 April 2020
The traveling exhibition of Banksy, the world’s most famous street artist, is finally coming to Budapest.
Bodies 2.0: The Universe Within Budapest, Bálna, 26 February 2020 - 31 May 2020
The mysteries of human body have always fascinated people.
Film premieres

Wreck-It Ralph

American, animation, 92 min., 2012
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