Gozsdu Montmartre Budapest, Gozsdu Udvar, 27 June 2019 11:00
Gozsdu Montmartre is an art bazaar and live painting & exhibition every Thursday in Gozsdu Udvar.
COVER//AGE|2nd National Salon of Architecture Budapest, Műcsarnok, 26 April 2019 - 25 August 2019
In the last five years the Műcsarnok has served as the venue for the National Salons, where every year the fresh achievements of a given genre are presented to the public. In 2019 architecture is in focus, with special emphasis on communal force and collective activity, which play an increasing role in architectural space and its creation.
Excessocenus Budapest, Cervantes Intézet, 12 April 2019 - 30 June 2019
Geologists announced that the planet entered a new era called Anthropocene, induced by the industrialized nations who transform the action of man into the new engine that defines the dynamics of the planet. Underdeveloped countries blindly embraced the pattern of abusive and uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources.
Nita Vera: Spatial Practices Budapest, Magyar Fotográfusok Háza (Mai Manó Ház), 22 May 2019 - 07 July 2019
The Hungarian Photographers' House is happy to announce the opening of PaperLab, the new experimental gallery space at the Mai Manó House which aims to redefine and revive the space of the bookshop.
The Triumph of the Body Michelangelo and Sixteenth-century Italian Draughtsmanship Budapest, Szépművészeti Múzeum, 06 April 2019 - 30 June 2019
The Hungarian public can see Michelangelo's artworks for the first time within the confines of this exhibition opening in the Museum of Fine Arts, presenting 80 pieces of the famous Renaissance master and his most eminent contemporaries.
Many Lives of Erik Kessels Budapest, Magyar Fotográfusok Háza (Mai Manó Ház), 22 May 2019 - 18 August 2019
Hosted by the Mai Manó House, exhibition 'The Many Lives of Erik Kessels' presents the Dutch artist’s and designer's photographic body of work by way of seventeen projects and an installation comprising many hundreds of photos and occupying entire spaces.
The Surrealist Movement from Dalí to Magritte Budapest, Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, 28 June 2019 - 20 October 2019
The exhibition will document the main trends of Surrealism, its central figures and outstanding artists through the extremely eventful period in the movement’s history, the year 1929 fraught with personal and artistic conflict.
Óbuda Design Picnic Budapest, Esernyős, 14 July 2019 10:00
This fair presents young artists, distinguished brands, and all kinds of beautiful things: the ambiance of the early 20th century meets with contemporary design at the historic quarter of Óbuda, to the great delight of the customers and the passersby.
Film premieres


Spanish, tragicomedy, 124 min., 2018

Annabelle Comes Home

American, horror, 106 min., 2019


British, musical, 116 min., 2019
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