Thousand Faces of Tango

Tango Show with László Budai and Guests
Budapest, Millenáris, 31 May 2019 19:00
The charming duo László Budai & Andrea Pirity and their guests transport the audience to the streets of Buenos Aires discovering the many faces of this passionate dance based on the intricate relationship between man and woman.


It’s like communication without words. Improvising and mutual attention. Perfect harmony. The ultimate way of mastering body language. It teaches us how to step out of our comfort zone and open towards another dimension of perception.

But what is the meaning of tango? Love? Perhaps the answer to the question will be forthcoming at this production which aims to familiarise the audience with the face of living, contemporary tango and all its possibilities, styles and interrelationships. In addition to the classical form still danced today, one can also find tango nuevo, neotango, contact tango, contemporary tango, just as the music extends from classical tango to the works of Piazzolla, and finally to the tango music of the present day. The momentum and diversity of the dances and music will help showing us that tango has a future, opening a door through which one may discover the soul of this unique dance form.

Danced by
László Budai – Andrea Pirity
Max Van De Voorde – Solange Acosta (ARG)
Béla Barabás – Kata Hudry
Tamás Huszár – Adrienn Pálmai

and Dancers of the Argetine Tango Dance Theatre

Music by Tango Harmony Band

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