Arany János Exhibition

Budapest, Országos Széchenyi Könyvtár, 28 April 2017 - 25 November 2017
János Arany Memorial Year is organized in 2017 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the famous Hungarian poet’s birth.
The exhibition is based on the unique treasures stored in the Manuscript Collection of the Library, but it also focuses on issues such as Arany and his contemporaries, reception of Arany, his wider cult and the celebrations that took place 100 years ago.  

Central element of the exhibition is the manuscript collection of Toldi trilogy donated to NSZL by the poet’s descendants in 1899. Original copies of the two full manuscript variants of Toldi and Toldi estéje (Toldi’s Eve) and the fair copy of Toldi szerelme (Toldi’s Love) will be on display at the exhibition, together with manuscripts of other major works of Arany’s oeuvre.

Visitors can have an insight into the poet's academic work, his correspondence with Sándor Petőfi, and they can have a look at Petőfi’s famous drawings depicting János Arany and the so-called Jagged Tower. The latter are also kept in National Széchényi Library.

In addition to the chronological and theme-oriented presentation of Arany’s oeuvre, the compilation will also feature original copies of works of art inspired by Arany’s person and oeuvre, including works by Miklós Barabás, Bertalan Székely, Buday György and Alajos Stróbl, lent by the Hungarian National Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts.
01 June 2017

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