KISÜZEM 2018 - Craft Beer Festival in Óbuda

Budapest, Óbudai Fő tér, 25 May 2018 - 27 May 2018
An enticing variety of the best Hungarian artisanal beers, thrilling concerts and other delicacies are waiting for the visitors on the last weekend of May, all amidst the beautiful setting of a historic quarter at Óbuda, which for three days transforms into a real land of promise for the enthusiasts of the amber fluid.

For 3 days we can taste about 200 different beers from 27 acclaimed Hungarian breweries, surrounded by the appealing ambiance of Óbuda’s Old Quarter. The debut was a great success two years ago, so the event is organized for the third time now, accompanied with concerts, workshops and presentations on the topic.

The selection is ample: wheat beers, fruit lagers, IPAs, stouts and dark ales, cider-beer hybrids – no doubt even finicky visitors will find their hearts’ desire. After sampling the drinks, we can continue pampering our palates at the high quality street food array.

The concerts range from energetic ethno-funk (Kerekes Band) to vagabond indie-rock (Fran Palermo) and electropop (The Carbonfools). Also, prominent tribute band Stoned will play covers of some well beloved songs by The Rolling Stones.

Visitors with picky ears should take care not to miss the concerts in Kobuci garden, where they can enjoy the performances of Hungarian bands a bit further from the mainstream: for example the danceable django-swing of Canarro, and the charismatic country blues of Redbreast Wilson.

All programs are FREE

Film premieres


American, thriller, 129 min., 2019


French-Indian, drama, 99 min., 2018


Belgian-Luxembourgian, drama, 117 min., 2018

Pájaros de verano

Danish-Colombian-Mexican, gangster, 125 min., 2018
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