Coincidance Ballet Theatre presents: Fairplay

Budapest, MOMkult, 25 April 2018 Wednesday 19:00
The great legends of sport exist forever as an inspiration for future generations. Director and choreographer Gyulai Júlia pays homage with this performance to the memory of her father Gyulai István, a successful athlete and journalist in the '60s.


Though peace may reign and the society may live in abundance, there will be always that urge to do better, achieve more, climb higher. Mankind has always wanted to expand its limits and search for something new, something different, do the unexpected. To leave behind the well-trodden path and believe in our strenght.

This performance presents the ups and downs of an athlete's life through the story of a young boy. The audience will experience the struggles and the hard work which make it possible for dreams to come true in the end. The makers also wanted to underline the importance of sports in forming our personality, as we become more enduring and confident while progressing towards our goal.     


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