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Muscular men, hot women and beautiful seaside: the successful TV series moves to the big screen, and we are already saved because the new actors personifying our favourite characters are looking just as attractive in their red swimsuits as their predecessors were in the '90s.
A new, dangerous drug appears at the bay and everybody who used it has been found dead. A powerful and influential woman is their suspect, but if they want to catch her red handed they'll need extra forces. So the lifeguard team receives 3 new recruits, a dashing young swimmer champion among them, who doesn't always agree with boss Mitch Buchannon.

The makers have done everything to deserve R rating including language, nudity and sexual content, and they didn't want to evoke the TV series in a nostalgic manner. Their aim is not perfectly clear as scenes with vulgar humour are alternating with scenes where people are speaking about their dedication for saving lives and the importance of family.

Mixing the seawater with lemon and sugar will not result in a soothing lemonade but at least we can say that we tried it once.
10 July 2017
Hungarian title: Baywatch
American comedy, 116 min, 2017
Lifeguard leader Mitch Buchannon has troubles with a stubborn newcomer, while they crack a criminal plot endangering the future of the bay.
Directed by:

Seth Gordon

Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 13 July 2017


 11/03/19 Sunday, 21:00
 11/04/19 Monday, 18:30
 11/09/19 Saturday, 18:30

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