Vanishing Point Festival

psychedelic rock
Budapest, Dürer Kert, 16 September 2017 Saturday 17:00
Good news for the psych-rock fans that a brand-new festival is born to give them a taste of the genre's dominant bands here in Hungary and also abroad. Cult music venue Dürer Garden is in for a surreal evening to remember.
The festival is organised on the initiative of local band Middlemist Red, the winners of Deezer Young Guns international competition in 2014, often regarded as the resurrectors of the psych-rock genre in Hungary. The line-up also includes guests from abroad such as Anglo-Welsh band Telegram, much acclaimed in the UK, playing a 'spontaneous, haphazard amalgam of krautrock and psych, with a dash of glam' according to The Guardian.
Other UK based band presenting its repertoire at the festival is Desert Mountain Tribe playing experimental-psychedelic rock.
From Switzerland comes psych-pop group Fai Baba which, according to A Tree in a Field Records, plays 'monster-boogie, toxic folk, garage-blues and psychedelic country'. Sounds exciting, huh? Finally, from Vienna we can hear colorful band Mile me deaf playing trippy noisepop.

The Hungarian performers of the evening represent the créme de la créme of the genre, including the event-hosting band Middlemist Red (they released their second LP entitled 'Ripple Soul' this year), and also some fresh voices such as up-and-coming Deep Glaze, instrumental surf-rock band The Keeymen, noisy garage-psych METEO and The Beans, or quirky Dope Calypso.  

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