Wind River
We have known Taylor Sheridan as the writer of excellent crime movies such as 'Sicario' and 'Hell or High Water'. It seems that his latest project was so dear to his heart that he didn't want to trust another person to direct it.
Though Sheridan is much more confident as a writer, it doesn't mean that he is not skillful as a director. His scripts were adapted by geniuses like Denis Villeneuve and David Mackenzie, so it could be hardly expected that he surpasses them. Wind River is still a clever and fine crime film.

The story unfolds in a remote, cold and deserted part of America, in a Native American Reservation. If someone gets killed at such a place, investigating the responsables is almost impossible. When a young native girl's body is found in the forest the FBI sends an inexperienced, green agent to investigate the case, and she teams up with a local game tracker who helps her in this unknown terrain.

It seems that Sheridan wanted to create a good crime film without any additional message between the lines (of course we understand that Native Americans don't get much attention and they live like second rated citizens). The white, snow covered settings give a menacing atmosphere to the film, and there is a really memorable action-scene, perhaps the most memorable this year despite of being hardly a minute. It is a strong first film and we look forward to the second.
06 September 2017
Hungarian title: Wind River - Gyilkos nyomon
American-British-Canadian crime, 107 min, 2017
A frozen body of a girl is discovered in an isolated indian reservation, and there is no doubt that she was murdered. A young FBI agent has to work with a local tracker to solve the misterious case.
Directed by:

Taylor Sheridan

Distributor: Vertigo Média
Premiere: 07 September 2017


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