Stephen King's epic horror was adapted to the screen in 1990, but Tommy Lee Wallace's version was made for the television so the story's frightening elements were made less scary. This big screen version wants to make up for that.
The makers didn't want to hold themselves back, so this film offers an alternative for those who are bored of lightweight ghost-stories. In the film a bunch of children in the town of Derry discovers that the responsable for the disappearance of other kids is a clown-like creature who lurks in the canal system and they have to unite their forces in order to defeat it. Stephen King's novel showed the characters childhood and also their adulthood, in this film we only see the former and we have to wait for the sequel to present the latter.
06 September 2017
Hungarian title: Az-It
American horror, 135 min, 2017
In the small town of Derry, a group of outcasts discover that they are all haunted by the same monster, Pennywise, the cruel and murderous clown, and they only have a chance if they stick together.
Directed by:

Andy Muschietti

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 07 September 2017

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