Ballet Pécs: The Taming of the Shrew

Budapest première
Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 09 January 2018 19:00
2017 is a year of rebirth in the history of Ballet Pécs, their new production is based on a well-known play by Shakespeare and shows us the eternal conflict between man and woman, the everyday power struggles in their relationship.
"Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew is a witty work that always puts a smile on one's face and sneaks some joy into one's soul. With delicate humour, it presents the relationship between man and woman and the constant battle in which one gender tries to outsmart the other: sometimes loudly, sometimes with force, and sometimes with trickery. Eventually it is the sense of togetherness that triumphs, with both sides feeling that they have won. The story is still relevant today, and will remain so for as long as people walk the earth. What we are attempting to do is to present this marvel from the Renaissance through the forms and style of movement of the 21st century and the rhythm of the modern world, without losing any of Shakespeare's spirit.”
Béla Földi, choreographer

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