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Being Solomon

Most people think of the adjective 'wise' when they hear the name of Solomon. Well, he may have become a wise king indeed, but there was a time when he was just a young man, hardly grown out of his teenage years and not taking life very seriously.
Solomon is about to welcome his fiancée the queen of Sheba, when an unexpected adversary appears on the scene. His name is Hadad, and he wants to take revenge on Solomon: he exiles him to the desert with the help of some demons from the underworld. Solomon must find his way home and save his people from Hadad. On his journey a desert fox and a pretty princess (an other possible fiancée?) help him and keep him company. The characters are nicely developped, the narrative may not be over-smart but it's funny and thought-provoking, and even the young Solomon might gain some wisdom in the end.
28 September 2017
Hungarian title: Salamon király kalandjai
Israeli-Hungarian animation, 80 min, 2017
The 17-year-old Salamon is not yet ready to rule. His enemy, making use of this, exile him to the middle of the dessert.
Distributor: Vertigo Média
Premiere: 28 September 2017

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