Continuing Memories

Budapest, Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, 29 September 2017 - 11 February 2018
The new temporary exhibition of the Hungarian National Gallery offers us an insight into the works of Korniss Péter: he is one of the most acclaimed photographers, always open towards social changes and also prepared to analyze them and so create his unique visual world.
Péter Korniss is one of the greatestmasters of contemporary Hungarianphotography. His work centres ondocumenting the disappearing lifestyle ofpeasants in Hungary and Transylvania. Hisattention gradually shifted from traditional peasant culture towards the globalisedworld and the trials and tribulations ofitinerant workers.

Film premieres

Vad Balaton

Hungarian, natural film, 65 min., 2018

Sweet Country

Australian, western, 113 min., 2017

Bonne pomme

Belgian-French, comedy, 101 min., 2017

Duck Duck Goose

American-Chinese, animation, 91 min., 2018


French-Canadian, horror, 91 min., 2018

Midnight Sun

American, romantic drama, 90 min., 2018
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