Budapest – The City Of Kids

Budapest, Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria, 02 November 2017 - 28 November 2017
Of course we know Budapest: we see it on the map, and then we see it as we hop on the tram or get off the bus, sometimes we have some time to admire the buildings and sometimes we just hurry to work. This exhibition invites us to see the city from a different perspective.
The exhibition presents the city from a unique aspect- through illustrations of Children’s books. What is our city like as reflected in storybooks? For adults, it is a noisy, bustling medium, but for the small ones it is full of surprises and things to explore. In the art exhibition we can see the work of twenty noted Hungarian storybook illustrators.

Film premieres

Hao ji le

Chinese, animation, 77 min., 2017

The Last Jedi

American, sci-fi, 152 min., 2017

Mullewapp - Eine schöne Schweinerei

German, animation, 72 min., 2017


Chilean-French-Greek-Colombian-German, drama, 85 min., 2016

Le sens de la fete

Belgian-French-Canadian, comedy, 117 min., 2017


American, drama, 113 min., 2017
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