The Secret Passion

Budapest, Magyar Fotográfusok Háza (Mai Manó Ház), 05 October 2017 - 07 January 2018
Vivian Maier had an instinctive talent for photography, her pictures give us an insight into the buzzing urban life, and also into the soul of the citizens. Howard Greenberg Gallery chose 75 photos from its collection to give it to Mai Manó Ház for the time of this special exhibition.
Although we know a lot about street photographer Vivian Maier (1926–2009), her life-work – that has beem found accidentally in 2007 – still hides a lot of secrets waiting to be discovered. Besides the city’s everyday stories, she also noticed the unusual and strange situations of urban life, the almost surreal events which constitute the city’s hidden correlations and daytime dreams.

Film premieres

Los perros

Argentinean-Chilean-French-Portuguese, drama, 94 min., 2017

Goodbye Christopher Robin

British, biographical drama, 107 min., 2017

The Commuter

American-British-French, crime, 104 min., 2018

Sign 'o' the Times

American-Canadian, concert, 85 min., 1987


Italian, drama, 103 min., 2017


American-Norwegian, , 135 min., 2017
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