The Last Jedi

In 2015 Episode VII. - The Force Awakens caused quite a stir among the Star Wars fans. Old characters came back, intriguing new ones emerged, and suddenly a lot of questions popped up in our heads: Who is Snoke? Who are Rey's parents? Will the tragic, premature death of Carrie Fisher affect the storyline in any way? The Last Jedi answers a lot of these questions in a very spectacular way.
The premiere was quite a success, most critics simply loved the film and praised director Rian Johnson for his work. All agree that the new episode is very spectacular and has a lot of surprises up its sleeve, as the director didn't want to satisfy the fans who guessed and machinated since the previous episode and he is not afraid of being controversial sometimes as he shows an old character from a new perspective or makes the plot turn in a completely unexpected way. Now and again the film evokes 'The Empire Strikes Back' in an elegant way but it absolutely stands on its own, it is not like a reboot and neither it is a simple second episode leading on to the next one. Mark Hamill is obviously enjoying his new role in the story, as Luke stubbornly refuses to act partly because of his failure with Ren but also for more complex reasons. And mentioning Kylo Ren leads us to Adam Driver who is hugely acclaimed for his performance as the troubled villain. Powerful female characters emerge too as Rey is struggling with Luke using all the persuasive force she has, and of course princess Leia is leading the Resistance unbendingly. Some new characters like the porgs are a bit annoying perhaps (reminding some people to the bad jokes of Jar Jar Binks) but don't forget that there are a lot of children among the audience and these cuties are rather ment for them. Summing it all up Star Wars VIII. is a good film as commercial cinematography goes and we are looking forward to the next one.
14 December 2017
Hungarian title: Star Wars: Az utolsó Jedik
American sci-fi, 152 min, 2017
Rey finally joins Luke Skywalker, but she reveals a secret noone was ready for.
Directed by:

Rian Johnson

Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 14 December 2017


 12/25/18 Tuesday, 17:25
 12/13/18 Thursday, 19:30
 12/28/18 Friday, 12:40
 12/29/18 Saturday, 07:30

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