Within Frames – The Art of the Sixties in Hungary (1958 – 1968)

Budapest, Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, 17 November 2017 - 18 February 2018
The sixties were among the most contradictious ages in Hungarian art: the conventions of socialist realism with their fake heroism were still there from the previous decade, but they were now joined by provocative neo-avant-garde tendencies. This was a period of doubletalk, of reading between the lines, of a sophisticated culture of communication based on coding and decoding.
The exhibition displays a period, bracketed by the defeat of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary and the Prague Spring of 1968. A set of “forbidden” topics defined the “frames” within which artists were forced to confine themselves. Even within these frames, artists continued to experiment in their search for enduring and original forms of contemporary artistic expression.

Film premieres

The Florida Project

American, drama, 111 min., 2017


Danish-French-Norwegian-Swedish, thriller, 116 min., 2017

Den of Thieves

American, action, 140 min., 2018

Darkest Hour

British, biographical drama, 125 min., 2017

68 Kill

American, crime, 93 min., 2017
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