Pitch Perfect 3.

The Bellas, after winning the acapella world championships, believed that the world belonged to them and all their dreams came true. The talented and pretty girls had big plans and stepped confidently into the world of adulthood. But grey and monotonous days followed with rigorous routine and all of a sudden life didn't seem to be so easy any more.
Beca (Anna Kendrick) has just lost her job so she and all the other disappointed girls are just in the appropriate state of mind for showing everybody once again what they are really capable of. The Bellas receive an invitation for a European tour and they accept the new challenge with enthusiasm. All those who are familiar with 'Perfect Pitch' part one and two probably already know what can they expect from the closing episode of the trilogy. The previous films were very amiable and they mixed successfully the rosy shades of high-school musicals with the real world. Good actors, swift dialogues, and entertaining scenes gave stamina to the story which maybe became a bit tired for the end but for the fans of The Bellas it is still worth to give it a shot and spend that one and a half hours in the cinema.
28 December 2017
Hungarian title: Tökéletes hang 3
American comedy musical, 90 min, 2017
The Bellas reunite for a last tour, but the team they have to face uses not only their voices but also instruments.
Directed by:

Trish Sie

Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 28 December 2017
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