Have a (n)ice day !

Presenting the coolest ice-rinks of Buda.
02 December 2019 - 01 March 2020
Though winter lasts long, there is no time for being bored, not even after the Christmas Holiday. Visiting the ice-rinks of the city is an excellent choice for having fun. Ice-skating is a wonderful outdoor activity, it keeps you in top form, not to mention that mulled wine slips more smoothly after getting some fresh air. First we would like to present the ice-rinks which can be found at the Buda-side of the city.

Kapcsolódó cikkek

BHG ice rink
One of the most frequented and most popular rinks in Budapest, only a few minutes away from Móricz Zsigmond Square. It is an indoor rink which awaits visitors all year long. So, there you can practice ice-skating whenever you want, and you can also rent the rink for a private birthday party. Children can join the hockey club or learn professional ice-skating.
Adress: Budapest, Sopron út 19.
Prices: 800-1100HUF

Budai ice rink
Have you ever practiced ice-skating with disco lights? Well you can try it at the Budai ice rink, a minute away from Széna tér. Next to the Jégkert Restaurant there is this hidden little indoor rink, providing night skating with led-lights on Saturdays. There is a hockey team for children and if you are a beginner you can learn how to skate regardless of age.
Adress: Budapest, Varsányi Irén utca 37.
Open: 10 - 22h  (you have to reserve)
Prices: 990-1500 HUF
forras: Budai Jégpálya
forras: Budai Jégpálya

Marczibányi ice rink
At this indoor rink you can learn how to skate if you join one of the groups or there is a possibility of private training too. The rink is easily accessible, only a few minutes away from Széna tér. If you know how to skate and you just want to practice a little, after 18.00.PM the price is lower.
Adress: Budapest, Marczibányi tér 16.
Open: Until March. Monday: 14-22h, Tuesday: 9-16h, 17-20h, Wednesday: 13-20h, Thursday: 14-16h, 17-22h, Friday: 14-22h, Saturday: 10-22h, Sunday: 9-20h.
Prices: 1400-1750 HUF

Oxygen Wellness ice rink

This outdoor rink entices you with a wonderful panorama as you can see the whole Budapest from the top of Nap-hill. Beside the panorama and teaching how to skate, you can also try the sauna after the training.
Adress:  Budapest, Naphegy utca 67. 
Open: Until March. Thursday and Friday: 18-20h Saturday: 10-20h Sunday: 10-18h
Prices: 1300-1500HUF

Budafok ice rink

This outdoor rink welcomes visitors until March. The good ambiance is guaranteed as the winter market and mulled wine stands are just a few steps away.
Adress: Budapest, Mária Terézia utca 1-7. 
Open: Monday-Thursday: 8-14h and 15-20h Friday-Saturday: 8-14h and 15-22h Sunday: 8-14h and 15-20h
Prices: 500HUF


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