Human overpopulation is a big problem even now, and smart science-fiction movies have a tendency to treat current social or environmental problems by setting them in an alternative future. 'Downsizing' is a smart science-fiction.
The film can also be described as a social satire: a strange new method called miniaturization is developped to fight overpopulation, which consists of shrinking a person to four inches tall, this way we can save the planet and live a good life at the same time. The persons have to apply voluntarily, there is no pressure. So one day, Paul Safranek, the average American worker having financial problems decides to apply with his wife. But will this bright new life fulfill all their dreams and expectations?
Director Alexander Payne puts this imaginary world of our heroes in the foreground and neglects a little the developpement of the characters, and when a new character called Ngoc Lan Tran appears we start to wonder if the narrative has any sense after all. The idea is very original and the alternative future is amazingly depicted but the film loses stamina as it goes and by the end it sinks into total disinterest.
11 January 2018
Hungarian title: Kicsinyítés
American-Norwegian , 135 min, 2017
In the future it becomes an option to get downsized in order to live a more environment-friendly life. Paul and his wife decide to be a part of the project.
Directed by:

Alexander Payne

Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 11 January 2018


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