Finucci Bros Quartet Feat. Tóth Vera - Aretha Franklin Night

soul / jazz
Budapest, Budapest Jazz Club, 15 January 2018 18:00
Finucci Bros Quartet invites celebrities to cover the works of music legends each month. This night will be all about Aretha Franklin in the Budapest Jazz Club, as the Quartet and their guest Tóth Vera will present to the public the evergreens of the unforgettable soul diva.


Aretha Franklin is known everywhere as the queen of soul music. She had a considerable influence on the American pop culture and her heritage is still living with us. Songs like 'Respect', 'I Will Say a Little Prayer' or 'Natural Woman' are featuring in numberless films and they are still played by the radio channels. The audience can discover the force of these songs in the presentation of local diva Tóth Vera, known for her powerful voice and charming personality: her qualities as a singer make her worthy of this difficult task. The excellent jazz musicians of the Finucci Bros Quartet will accompany her during the evening.

Film premieres

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

American, musical, 114 min., 2018
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