Pest Est presents: Vök (IS), Tape Delay

indie / electronica
Budapest, A38 Hajó, 24 February 2018 20:00
The Icelandic dreamdriving force Vök will take you into a special sphere so far unknown, where wild nature meets the senses of soul in the form of beautiful electronic indie music. Their support will be a charming, moving, kicking young band, a true brother-in-sound: Tape Delay.


Described as dream-pop/indie-electro band, their sound consists of dreamy electronics with melodic vocals, distant saxophones and clean, reverberated guitars. Vök is easily placed in the realm of indie-electro, following in the footsteps of 'The Knife' or 'The xx', but their music is distinctly their own.

Perhaps the 'Cloudberry Mornings' independent music blog described Hungarian band Tape Delay the most aptly when writing about their EP :  "The three-track compilation M A C A O provides the insights of majestic ancient nobleness, ravishing transcendental visions and puzzling passions via the perfection of soothing synths, vocals and verbiage."


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