Mongooz And The Magnet

blues / rock / funk
Budapest, Pontoon, 15 August 2019 20:00
You get that joke when an Irish, a Norwegian and a Hungarian are sitting together and they are telling you that they are from Pécs? Well it's not exactly a joke, because if you ever witness a phenomenon like this, you can be sure that you had met popular and crazy blues-funk band Mongooz and the Magnet.




The city of Pécs (located in the south of Hungary) is often considered as the Hungarian Liverpool as it gave a lot of cult bands to the local music scene. Mongooz and the Magnet is definitely one of them, the trio composed of Magnus Måløy (guitar, vocals), Ian O'Sullivan (double bass, vocals) and Háló Gergő (drums, legs) is playing an honest and danceable mix of rock, blues and funk. Their first EP was released in 2015 and their career continues to fly high ever since, despite of their other occupations like Magnus and Ian studying Medicine at the University of Pécs. Their debut LP entitled 'Please be naked' was very well received by the critics and the public, and they have become vital figures of the summer music festival season too. Their next Budapest gig will take place at the picturesque Danube Bank. Beloved open-air bar Pontoon hosts the event, and this will be a special concert. They have invited some of their musician friends to join them, and do new versions of their songs & of songs that inspire the band, to jam, to experiment and improvise, and to see what happens and share the love. Are you in for a hot sweaty evening by the river ? The  event is free!


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