Three Sisters

dance performance
Budapest, Várkert Bazár, 22 March 2018 Thursday 19:00
Probably everybody knows the famous and frequently adapted play by Anton Chekhov but Budapest Dance Theatre interprets it from a new perspective. More dynamic, more severe, more up-to-date. Prepare for a new theatrical experience, presented by the powerful language of contemporary dance.


One common fate or three different paths? The daydreamings of a character or the hidden escapist desire in all of us which seeks for a getaway from the reality of everyday life? Our dreams and our hopes which are slowly degrading into lethargic thoughts because of our lack of will, and so they deprive us from the possibility of being happy in the present.


Film premieres


American, thriller, 129 min., 2019


French-Indian, drama, 99 min., 2018


Belgian-Luxembourgian, drama, 117 min., 2018

Pájaros de verano

Danish-Colombian-Mexican, gangster, 125 min., 2018
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