Pátkai Rozina Trio

jazz / bossa nova
Budapest, BMC - Opus Jazz Club, 13 April 2018 20:00
Singer Pátkai Rozina created a stir both at home in Hungary and in the US with her wonderful voice, performance and personality. Her undoubted talent thrusted her into the front rank of Hungarian singers within a very short period of time.


In part she is of Italian descent and having started as a classical singer, it was three years ago that she started attracting attention. She has won several international awards. With her various line-ups she tends to concentrate on the bossa nova and Brazilian themes in general but improvisation is close to her heart and to that of her musicians. In August 2013 in the jazz category she won the audience prize of the American Independent Music Awards with her interpretation of the song Voce e Eu. Her album of the same title out last September was nominated in three different categories as the best album for this year’s Independent Music Awards.


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