Alain Laboile: La Famille

Budapest, Széphárom Közösségi Tér, 24 March 2018 - 28 April 2018
Alain Laboile is a French sculptor, photographer, and also the father of six children. The family lives in the provinces, and Laboile keeps photographing his four doughters and two sons. The pictures tell us about an idyllic childhood, probably coveted by most of us.
It was in 2006 when Alain Laboile started to photograph his children. The first family photo he made was entitled 'Waiting for the postman', and that remained his favourite picture ever since, because it was the first piece of the series 'La Famille' which brought him fame throughout the world. In Hungary we can see his works for the first time now, thanks to the collaboration between Budapest Photo Festival and the French Institute. Laboile's series 'La Famille' shows the bucolic yet timeless ordinary days of his own family, from the angle of a father of six. The black and white photographs reveal the moments of their atypical, rural life, with a focus on the infantile subsistence and freedom.
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