Open-air Bars and Terraces - Part One

Best chill-out spots in the city.
30 April 2019 - 30 September 2019
As we step into summer we would like to spend more time outdoors, and the bars and cafés of Budapest are more than happy to satisfy that demand. Parasols are scraped-out from forgotten basements, some cozy lounge furniture is arranged, a bottle of rosé wine is put on the table, and suddenly everything is ready for a pleasant afternoon in the open.
Erzsébet Kilátó Kávézó : This small café located at the foot of Elisabeth Lookout Tower on János Hill is a perfect little gem for tired hikers during the summer. Touring the Buda Hills is a popular family program, and as we reach the lookout tower, besides the fresh air we can also enjoy the breathtaking panorama. But after burning all those calories walking upwards, a little refreshment may come in handy, so Kilátó Café offers us drinks and food in a beautiful environment. Visitors can play table soccer too.
Fruska Picnic & Bistro : Welcoming you at Kopaszi-dike near Rákóczi (Lágymányosi) Bridge, Fruska Bistro presents a charming 'ambiance de Provence' on the Danube bank. Though 'fruska' means a charming but capricious young girl in Hungarian, the menu of the bistro is more than reliable: they offer seasonal delicacies and homemade lemonades. You can also ask for a picnic basket: it depends on whether you want to eat on the terrace, or rather go down the riverbank. Because of the exquisite environment, weddings are often held at Fruska too.
Kertem : The City Park (Városliget) is one of the most popular green spots in Budapest, being easily accessible and offering a beautiful view with the Vajdahunyad castle and the artificial lake. After a good rowing or paddle boating one inevitably gets hungry, so Kertem (meaning 'my garden' in Hungarian) provides a peaceful haven for tired city dwellers. You can also bring your dog or your bicycle with you, as Kertem is open to everybody. With its friendly design and nice green environment it will surely win you over, especially if you taste their famous 'Balkan Burger' too.
Zsiráf : Who says that giraffe is just an animal? Located at Nyugati (Western) Railway Station, but luckily a bit hidden from the traffic on chic Eiffel Square, this Zsiráf is a delightful beer garden, occasionally also hosting open-air exhibitions, craft fairs and Sunday markets, not to mention the excellent dj-s and acoustic concerts which entertain the public during the evening. The wooden terrace stairs, the green lawn, and the eclectic style building of the railway station: all this ingredients are adding up to create the special charm of this welcoming place.
Kobuci Kert : The favourite open-air bar and music garden of Óbuda celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018, so besides the special programs we can also admire the results of the refurbishment that took place recently in order to amp up the posh factor of the venue. The beautiful garden of Zichy Castle hosts the best blues, world music, jazz and alternative rock concerts of the city during the summer, but apart from that, it is also a cozy chill-out place where everybody is welcome to drop by and choose from the various quality craft beers, or taste the famous 'Kolbászos Buci' and play table soccer.


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