Margaret Island Music Fountain

Budapest, Margitszigeti szökőkút, 28 April 2018 - 02 September 2018
There is always so much to do on the favourite island of Budapest: there's the zoo, the Japanese Garden with the lake, the rose garden, and, of course, the beloved music fountain, which mesmerizes the visitors with an ever changing curtain of water and also with unforgettable melodies: there is a genre for every taste from children's tunes to evergreen hits of the '60s and classical music.
During the summer months the fountain is a popular meeting and chill-out place: as temperatures rise, more and more people flee the city center and come in search of shady green spots to Margaret Island. Through the last few years the organizers added many special features to the fountain: from 11AM to 9PM each hour starts with a collection of music, there are various mini-playlists which vary throughout the day.

At 11AM the show starts with children's music featuring the most popular Hungarian and international tunes, including Auli'i Cravalho's 'How far I'll Go' from Moana and Shakira's 'Try Everything' from Zootropolis.
From 12.00. lovers of classical music can rejoyce, as the following playlist includes immortal melodies by Strauss, Mozart, Vivaldi and Bizet. 
From 13.00. the show is dedicated to the music of the '60s, featuring various evergreen songs by The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Hollies and the Hippy Hippy Shakes.
At 15.00. a collection of current pop hits follow, including some danceable and cool songs by Camila Cabello, Portugal. The Man, Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran.

These playlists vary until 9PM, and after the son goes down the attraction becomes even more spectacular with colorful led lights and light projection which appears on a great canvas of water and presents the portraits of famous Hungarians.


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