BrodyLand - The pulse of artlife in Budapest

Budapest, Brody Studios, 09 May 2018 - 23 May 2018
Brody Studios is a hidden melting pot of local & global open-minded and interesting individuals. It is one of the most exclusive venues in Budapest, where some of the programs are only accessible to club members, but it also hosts a wide range of English-friendly happenings which are open to the public.
In fact 'BrodyLand' is kind of an umbrella brand which covers various venues including boutique hotels and a gallery, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed for people who won't do with the ordinary and always go for more. Among their projects probably the most appealing is Brody Studios, a beautiful neoclassical building which has been transformed into a creative wonderland thanks to artists like Tets Ohnari, who worked a lot at the new interior design and definitely left his mark on the place. The result is a stimulating, half luxurious, half bohemian style pub, hosting several riveting events every month like concerts, presentations and stand-up comedy nights.
Let's have a look at their schedule for May:

05/09: Laugh, Brody, Laugh! - English Stand Up Comedy

Give your laughing gear a workout with a healthy dose
of English humour courtesy by our host Dave Thomspon and cast of international comedians featuring Reginald Bärris and Barry Castagnola.

05/11: Room Sessions: JaMese // Animo

Brody Studios has got loads of live music for your aural pleasure: check out the soulful Hungarian acoustic act called Animo, a 2-guitar and vocal trio, and JaMese, an exciting ethno-jazz orchestra showcasing their brand new album. Get your grooves on!
05/14: Brody Open Jam | Special Guests: Werk academy dancers
At Brody Studios' weekly musical workout local and international talents embrace a variety of genres in live and open music making. Get on the stage and join in the improvisation. And If you would like to perform your own song you can do that as well, just register in the event or on arrival. Bring your instrument + a friend and always expect songs that you rarely hear live! This evening diverse art styles stirr up in each other.  Werk academy dancers going to pop by and live up the evening. Improvisative moves and sounds will take over the stage performed by a range of talented young international artists.

05/17: Brody Alchemists Night- Taste the Music: The Carribean!
Jump on board with us to explore the wonders of the Caribbean! Brody Studios' Beverage Overlord will take you on an island hop of coctails, story, food by Head Chef Sam Monori and live Caribbean tunes by the charming Uknow duo. Your ticket Includes: the presentation, the band, 4 mini tasting cocktails, 2 x 2cl rum and Jamaican Goat Curry.

05/23: Ignite Budapest #7

- An Evening of Fast Presentations!

Ignite is an evening of speedy presentations by different presenters on various topics. Presenters use exactly 20 slides, which automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation which lasts just 5 minutes. Presentation topics can be on anything and everything, depending on each presenter, so you never know what you’re going to learn about next! Come out to Brody Studios and watch these incredible speeches - you never know what you'll learn! Plus, we'll have another fun interactive game and the ever-popular Presentation Karaoke, where presenters narrate a slideshow that they've never seen before. And if that's not enough, your first drink is on us! Ignite events are held around the world, and Ignite Budapest is one of many cities where you can see this presentation format – we are thrilled to host our SEVENTH event once again at the amazing Brody Studios.

Brody Studios

1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 38.



Film premieres

Solo: A Star Wars Story

American, sci-fi, 135 min., 2018

Undir trénu

Icelandic, comedy, 89 min., 2017
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