I Am Not a Witch
After 8-years-old Shula is declared to be a witch, she is banished to a special camp where she is tied to a long white ribbon and being shown to the tourists as an attraction. Also she has to work hard on the fields and support the extreme heat. She has no choice: if she cuts the ribbon, she transforms into a goat.
When government official Mr Banda takes her under his wing (“you are my little witch now”), she becomes a celebrity, earning a good amount of money for his scrounging guardian. Little Shula is being paraded around local courts and TV stations, giving believable performances of witchcraft, all for the profit of her keeper. She has no choice: on this faraway land everybody lives according to strict rules: men and women, young and old, officials and the queen herself. Director Rungano Nyoni wanted to present the out-of-date traditions of her homeland Zambia, and the strange contrast it has with the modern free world. This magical debut feature is comic and tragic at the same time – but most of all captivatingly beautiful.
15 August 2018
Hungarian title: Nem vagyok boszorkány
British-French-German drama, 93 min, 2017
As a result of a banal misunderstanding, nine-year-old Shula is banished from her village and forced to move to a witch camp, where she has two options: either become a witch or be cursed and transformed into a goat.
Directed by:

Rungano Nyoni

Distributor: Elf Pictures
Premiere: 16 August 2018


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