Skate Kitchen
It happens quite rarely that a director captures the real life and problems of adolescents in a big feature film and with success, but it seems that Crystal Moselle did the trick with this Sundance Festival-favourite, for which she got the idea while discovering an existing Instagram group of skater girls.
These hardy girls save our protagonist Camille from the lonely, introverted life she had when they invite her to join their group. The film excels at presenting moments of friendship between the girls and showing the incomparable freedom of gliding through the city standing on a skateboard, also relating to the addictive power of this intoxicating sensation. Sometimes the dramatic scenes may feel a bit forced, like the conflict Camille's budding romance causes with one of her besties and the ever-anxious, worrying attitude of her mother. Still, it is a unique and well captured coming-of-age-story set in a less known and often stereotypized underground subculture.
15 August 2018
Hungarian title: Skate Kitchen
American drama, 100 min, 2018
The life of Camille, a suburban girl changes completely after she becomes friends with a group of skater girls.
Directed by:

Crystal Moselle

Distributor: Mozinet
Premiere: 16 August 2018
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