Mummies of the World - PROLONGED!

Discover the secrets beyond the grave !
Budapest, Komplex, 16 August 2018 - 20 January 2019
Egyptian, Inca and German mummies, and also naturally conserved vestiges from Vác will be displayed at this rather peculiar exhibition opening this August at Komplex Event Budapest, so that attendees will be able to get an insight into the mysterious world of Ancient Egypt and the times that passed by.


American scientists, archeologists, doctors and antropologists collaborated at making this all-embracing presentation of the world of mummies, trying to evoke the days of the Ancient Egypt, the Inca Civilization or the life of South-American native tribes. The exhibition includes many interesting remains such as mummies of various animals and pets (fishes, cats, crocodiles) and the body of Egyptian priest Nes-Hor.


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