Bad Times at the El Royale
Drew Goddard, director of acclaimed horror 'The Cabin in the Woods' made a complicated and cliché-ridden thriller about the Nixon era, which feels surely retro enough but fails to deliver real value while struggling for the public's attention during two and a half hours.
Watching 'Bad Times at the El Royale' feels like listening to someone who wants to tell a joke badly but keeps forgetting the point so he tries to gain time by prolonging his story and hopes that finally he'll remember the punch line. Well, bad news is, he won't. So all we get is some catchy 60's music, a devilish Chris Hemsworth playing the villain, a sexy Dakota Johnson who's up to no good either, a charismatic Jeff Bridges hiding big mysteries and a sweet Cynthia Erivo singing and trying to survive. Conspiracies unfold but everything has a 'been there, seen that' taste and probably the major part of the public will leave the cinema unsatisfied, especially if they got their hopes up previously by the director's former works.
11 October 2018
Hungarian title: Húzós éjszaka az El Royale-ban
American thriller, 141 min, 2018
Seven strangers, all with a heavy secret to keep meet in the El Royale hotel next to Lake Tahoe. They have one last night for redemption before everything turns to hell.
Directed by:

Drew Goddard

Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 11 October 2018


 05/12/19 Sunday, 20:00

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