The Leverkühn Equation

History of Hungarian bad painting
Budapest, Budapest Galéria, 23 November 2018 - 13 January 2019
At the exhibition, the personal-visionary approach of art meets today’s reflexive-ironic practices that criticize the system of artistic production and its theoretic self- importance. As a result, we see a synod of genre parodies, “overpainted” pictures, banal topics and hybrid forms that also preserve personal features.
"Thereby, the personal-visionary understanding of reality, which disregards the schemes of the profession and notions of art of our time, can encounter the practices which treat the ironic, reflective system of art production today, the theoretical officiousness surrounding this system, and the selected medium with equal disdain. Thus, a conjunction of genre parodies, “over-painted” pictures, banal subjects and hybrid forms—a conjunction which retains personal traits—can come into being which contains chapters in the unwritten story of Hungarian bad painting." Gabor Andrasi


Film premieres


American, thriller, 129 min., 2019


French-Indian, drama, 99 min., 2018


Belgian-Luxembourgian, drama, 117 min., 2018

Pájaros de verano

Danish-Colombian-Mexican, gangster, 125 min., 2018
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