The life and work of fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen offers an ideal subject for filmmakers: he was not only famous for his extravagant and innovative creations, but also for his spectacular and unorthodox fashion shows.
Alexander McQueen's story is a modern-day fairy tale, which doesn't end happily: he was an important figure of the '90s and the 2000s, who kind of kicked up all the traditions of his profession. As he was a genius in his field, his life is both inspiring and tragic. With the help of his extraordinary talent he managed to climb the social ladder very quickly, creating a real rags-to-riches story. This documentary is not only interesting for his fans, as it is a capturing piece for everybody, an intimate revelation, presenting McQueen's unique style and personality. 
13 December 2018
Hungarian title: McQueen
British documentary, 111 min, 2018
The tragic story of fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen.
Distributor: Vertigo Média
Premiere: 13 December 2018


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