Time Freak

A charming love story about a teenage boy who gets dumped by the love of his life after a year of romance. He doesn't give up and invents a time-machine which enables him to fix the break-up repeatedly, so he tries to do everything in his power to keep Debbie.
Young physics prodigy Stillman feels desperate when his girlfriend Debbie dumps him. Fortunately he is not just an ordinary teenage boy, and he invents a time-machine which enables him to fix his relationship with Debbie (at least he thinks so). So he tries and tries stubbornly, going back to every bad moment and creating a second chance at love. In the case of time travel comedies it is very important to find a good logic amidst all the jumping to and fro, and 'Time Freak' fails to do so unfortunately, though the protagonists are really loveable and we root for their reunion until the end. 
07 February 2019
Hungarian title: Szerelmünk napjai
American comedy, 104 min, 2018
Stillman has a hard time accepting that he was dumped, so he builds a time machine to fix everything.
Directed by:

Andrew Bowler

Distributor: Big Bang Media
Premiere: 07 February 2019
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