Werner Pawlok: Viva Cuba!

Budapest, LUMAS Budapest Galéria, 28 February 2019 - 31 March 2019
The light which shines from within cannot be put out - as the saying goes among Cuban people. The light of Cuba as a country is such a steady blaze, even amidst the most violent changes. Werner Pawlok wanted to immortalize this glory through the iconic architecture of Havana.
Though we cannot see human beings on the pictures, they are very much alive and they even give us a glimpse into the everyday life of the Cuban people. Pawlok photographs this wonderful pearl of the Caribbean since 2004, and he started working on this collection in 2015 when changes were coming in the country. The decaying architecture still tries to preserve the glory of a passed-away era, while the vivid colours show a pulsating, never-ending life. "I'm searching for venues which are not easily accessible. With my work I would like to discover, to uncover hidden things, and spontaneity plays an important role in my profession." - says the artist.
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