Barbarian Nights

Contemporary Dance Tableau
Budapest, Margitszigeti Szabadtéri Színpad, 18 July 2019 21:00
Hervé Koubi, a French choreographer of Algerian descent, drew from his roots in Mediterranean culture when creating his second performance work entitled Barbarian Nights.


In this production, the dozen Algerian and West African men brilliantly blend contemporary style with urban and street dance, as well as capoeira and a variety of martial arts. With his balletic choreography, Koubi enchantingly evokes our several-million-year history. Who were the Barbarians? They were such a mysterious seafaring people that we practically know nothing about them, although they left behind countless ancient artifacts, and even the Bible refers to them. Join us on our unforgettable journey accompanied by Wagner, Mozart, Fauré, and traditional Algerian music.

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