The New Acquisitions of The Museum of Applied Arts in the Castle Garden Bazaar
Budapest, Várkert Bazár, 12 July 2019 - 31 January 2020
The exhibition presents the "behind the scenes" work of the Museum of Applied Arts, (which is currently closed for reconstruction), by displaying selected examples of the most intriguing works of art that have come into its collections since the turn of the millennium or have been restored in the last two decades.
For many of us, exhibitions are the same as the museum, but in reality, a museum’s work encompasses much more nuanced and varied professional tasks. The exhibition on display in the Castle Garden Bazaar allows visitors to get a glimpse at the everyday routine of the Museum of Applied Arts.
Among others, the visitor gets answers to questions such as “What do museologists do?”, “What other professional skills are required in a museum?”, “How do the objects land up in a collection?”, “How long does it take to restore an object or to prepare an exhibition?” And finally, “Why are people not allowed to touch, try out or try on exhibited objects?”
(17 pictures)

Film premieres

Ford v Ferrari

American, biographical drama, 152 min., 2019

Ford v Ferrari

American, biographical drama, 152 min., 2019


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Mestari Cheng

Finnish-Chinese, drama, 114 min., 2019


Hungarian, drama, 80 min., 2019

La paranza dei bambini

Italian, gangster, 105 min., 2019


Czech-Norwegian-Swedish, drama, 125 min., 2019
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