„I am an Artist of the World…” Philip de László (1869-1937)

Budapest, Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, 26 September 2019 - 05 January 2020
To mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Philip de László (1869–1937), the exhibition presents a display of 16 portraits from the artist’s mature period. This is a unique opportunity to see rarely exhibited masterpieces from prestigious private collections, including the portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, when Duchess of York.
Philip de László was a prominent figure in the Hungarian history of art, and among the world’s foremost artists of his age, but is now little known in his native country. He is not of the under-appreciated Hungarian geniuses who had to move abroad for his talent to be recognised. He was recognised in Hungary in his lifetime, being awarded a gold medal and title of nobility and he received commissions from Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, and other royal families of Europe. Ministers, dukes, counts and prelates, four American presidents, artists and scientists from every corner of the world were counted among his more than 2000 patrons.

Philip de László was the last European painter of the Grand Manner who indeed recorded the history of his era - through portraits of great historical figures. His oeuvre constitutes the last great chapter of classical portraiture rooted in the late Renaissance. With the decline of the traditional role of aristocracy after World War II, this kind of representational, iconic portraiture lost its significance.
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