Füssi-Nagy Regő: Tales of Nature

Budapest, Fiktív Gasztrogaléria, 16 September 2019 - 24 November 2019
18-year-old Füssi-Nagy Regő has won the 'Young Photographer of the Year' award only a few months ago, and this September the first exhibition of his works opened in Fiktív Gastro-Gallery Budapest.
Besides becoming the 'Young Photographer of the Year' in Hungary, he has also won the Asferico International Nature Photography Competition. Füssi-Nagy Regő lives at a small farm in Bodrogköz region, so the love of nature is like a heritage in his family, undoubtedly inspired by the picturesque landscape that surrounds them. The exhibited pictures at Fiktív GastroGallery are telling wonderful tales through the eyes of a keen and loving observer of nature.
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