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Budapest, Bartók Béla Boulevard ArtSpace, 29 October 2019 - 10 November 2019
The first Hungarian pop-up store of online art market Artconscious opens this week at Bartók Béla Boulevard, and can be visited for the next two weeks. The event aims at gathering eco-conscious designers and customers from all over the world.
This is a great opportunity for everybody who would like to buy unique and quality Christmas presents. Renowned Hungarian artists present their creations to the audience: some of them work according to the concept of zero waste, some of them work with recycled materials and some of them hire handicapped helpers in their ateliers. Whether you are looking for jewelry, bags, accessories or decoration, you will find remarkable products, all made in the concept of eco-consciousness.
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Film premieres

Ford v Ferrari

American, biographical drama, 152 min., 2019

Ford v Ferrari

American, biographical drama, 152 min., 2019


Italian, musical, 105 min., 2019

Mestari Cheng

Finnish-Chinese, drama, 114 min., 2019


Hungarian, drama, 80 min., 2019

La paranza dei bambini

Italian, gangster, 105 min., 2019


Czech-Norwegian-Swedish, drama, 125 min., 2019
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