'They just want to take a ride with us'

Interview with Will Smith & Martin Lawrence
Director Michael Bay did not return for a final ride, but Bad Boys 3 is still one of the most awaited movies in 2020. The two protagonists, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were just as enthusiastic as any BB fan could be before the premiere.
Why do you think the chemistry works so well between you two?
MARTIN LAWRENCE: Well, we both love comedy.
WILL SMITH: Yeah, for sure.

MARTIN LAWRENCE: You know, coming from sitcoms and having our own show...

WILL SMITH: When I was coming from Fresh Prince, I was like, I was the big dog on Fresh Prince. And then we got together and it was so hard for me in the first movie, like not having the laughs in that way.

MARTIN LAWRENCE: But you couldn't tell because you picked up right away just where you needed to be, you know? I think even in the drama that we had to play. Because it wasn't all comedy, there was some drama that we had to put out there. And it just meshed, it just came together.

WILL SMITH: That is for sure.

Which qualities you wanted to retain in BB3 ?
MARTIN LAWRENCE: Uh, the comedy. The comedy, for sure. And just the fact that we could act the drama. The drama that we brought to it. We made the characters real, you know, and you could feel the characters. And I felt like, people seeing us, they just want to take a ride with us. And now I feel like they're gonna want to just ride with us.

WILL SMITH: The conflict and the bickering, to me was really important to bring. Like that thing, to keep us in conflict in the scenes. And it's like, there's always like a little bit of an old married couple kind of vibe that we had, and to me, that was the one thing. It’s like that interaction - kinda always just bumping at each other. The Odd Couple vibe. (laughs)

What is the source of your relationship?
MARTIN LAWRENCE: We respect each other. I think we got a great deal of respect for each other. Will is one of the hardest working men I know in this business. I mean, when he dives in and he says he wants something then he wants to accomplish. I mean, I don't know if I've seen anybody do it better, man.

WILL SMITH: Well, thank you, man.

Where Mike and Marcus are at the Start of BB3 ?
MARTIN LAWRENCE: I, I think I've grown to the point where I want to retire and kind of settle in family life and all that. And, I don't know how much Mike has grown. [LAUGHTER] He still wants to get out and chase bad guys and drive fast cars.

How could you bring back the original cast ?
WILL SMITH: It's rare, but it's beautiful to be able to come back together and maintain this much of a same cast after this amount of time.

MARTIN LAWRENCE: Exactly. I agree.

WILL SMITH: And everybody is still handsome. [BOTH LAUGH] Sometimes you try to do it, you try to do a movie after 23 years...

MARTIN LAWRENCE: The 23 gonna hit you.

WILL SMITH: Ooh, ooh. [LAUGHTER] Like let's shoot some wide shots.
What was it like to work together with directors Adil and Bilall ?
WILL SMITH: They were like fans just going into film school. And for them, it was a dream to make this movie. So, when you're just interacting with people that have so much love for the franchise, they know every line of the movies. And Adil was saying he even had to learn English in order to know exactly what we were saying. He said he originally saw the movie in French, you know. So there's such a deep love for these characters and for this franchise. It's great to come to work every day with guys like that.

MARTIN LAWRENCE: It really is. It really is.
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