Mordái - Album Launch Gig

folk / rock / alternative
Budapest, A38 Hajó, 13 February 2020 20:00
Local neo-psych-rock frontman Soma Nóvé has apparently inexhaustible creative energies: Middlemist Red, The Night of the Vampire, Samurai Drive... the list of his musical projects is quite long. The young musician is also interested in Hungarian folk songs: his new band Mordái is inspired by this surprising inclination.
His first recorded cover of a folk song was born at an acoustic session with his band Middlemist Red. As in his childhood he listened to the Hungarian folk album of 'Muzsikás' a lot, it was not a totally unknown territory for him. Soma discovered some connections between this musical universe and that of psych-rock: according to his opinion, the latest Morphine album for example has a very similar atmosphere to Hungarian folk tunes. These songs are often about outlaws: bandits, jilted lovers, people trapped at the margin of society, trying to escape their fate. With his new band Mordái, Soma Nóvé tries to capture this dark, troubling world with his excellent fellow musicians, bringing in unexpected instruments (see the maniac saxophone solos) and his unique voice.


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