58th Hungarian Film Critics Awards

On the last day of January 2020, the Hungarian Film Critics Awards were distributed in Budapest, supported by the Association of Hungarian Journalists and the Federation of Hungarian Film Artists. We are proud to announce the honored productions of 2019.
The Grand Prize (called B. Nagy László Award) was given to FOMO, an unsettling coming-of-age film which provoked many debates among the audience. The critics hailed it unanimously for its inventive and bold style, not to mention the important subject that it tackles.
The other great winner of the night was Those Who Remained, a subtle drama full of humanity, telling the aftermath of the Holocaust in Hungary. It triumphed in three categories: Best Actor (Károly Hajduk), Best Actress (Abigél Szőke) and Best Screenplay.
Béla Bagota became the Best Director, his chilly psychological thriller Valan (taking place in Romania) was a real gem among the Hungarian productions of 2019. Though the box office numbers didn't really give credit to the film, those who have seen it agree on its being a unique cinema experience.
Guerilla, a dark historic war drama about the anti-monarchist revolution of 1848-49 received the award for the Best Debut Film, though it was a slow-paced, dispassionate movie which didn't gain the unanimous approval of the spectators.
The Best Hungarian Animation of 2019 was The Adventures of Candide, a surprisingly modern adaptation of Voltaire's timeless classic. Its distribution is still problematic as the animation breaks some taboos including the migrant crisis and religious conflicts.

It is apparent that 2019 was a good year for Hungarian movies: directors tried their hand successfully at many different genres (thriller, drama, coming-of-age, satire, and even a black vampire comedy entitled 'Comrade Drakulich') so the palette was really colorful and surely everybody could pick a personal favourite among the films.

Film premieres

Fantasy Island

American, horror, 110 min., 2020

Sonic the Hedgehog

American-Japanese-Canadian, adventure, 99 min., 2020

Dem Horizont so nah

German, romantic drama, 109 min., 2019

Little Joe

British-German-Austrian, sci-fi, 105 min., 2019
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Budapest, Robert Capa Kortárs Fotográfiai Központ, 30 December 2019 - 23 February 2020
Budapest, Robert Capa Kortárs Fotográfiai Központ, 30 December 2019 - 23 February 2020
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