"It's like he has a tropical disease." Interview with Tom Hardy
It was not an easy job as he had to play together with a huge, terrifying CGI creature.
How do you live up to expectations after your first feature film has won the Golden Globe and the Oscar?
"It felt very big and grand and exciting."
Evangeline Lilly first became worldwide famous because of her role in successful TV-series Lost.
The Bookshop
In a small town near the sea, a strange woman wants to open a bookshop.
"It's like he has a tropical disease." Interview with Tom Hardy
It was not an easy job as he had to play together with a huge, terrifying CGI creature.
Juliet, Naked American, tragicomedy, 105 min, 2018 11 October 2018 - 17 October 2018
This quirky comedy tries to win the public over using the ever charming Rose Byrne and a picturesque coastal village in Britain. Our heroine Annie has a boyfriend who is completely obsessed about a long-disappeared rocker, and she feels like she is stuck in a dull life she never really wanted. This is about to change when she leaves a spiky comment on the fan page created by her partner.
Bad Times at the El Royale American, thriller, 141 min, 2018 11 October 2018 - 17 October 2018
Drew Goddard, director of acclaimed horror 'The Cabin in the Woods' made a complicated and cliché-ridden thriller about the Nixon era, which feels surely retro enough but fails to deliver real value while struggling for the public's attention during two and a half hours.
Cinéma Français Chic francophone films at the French Institute with English Subtitles! Budapest, Francia Intézet, 02 October 2018 - 25 October 2018
The Institut Français of Budapest has always put a great emphasis on promoting French language and culture in an effective way. Their regular screenings of exciting francophone films are extremely popular among the audience. Admission is free, the projection starts at 18:30. With English Subtitles!
"Exciting and unpredictable" Interview with the director of 'Equalizer 2'
Director Antoine Fuqua is well known in Hollywood for his tough, old-school action films, and he worked together with Denzel Washington several times. They have joined forces again recently in order to create a sequel to 'The Equalizer', a huge cinema hit in 2014.
"A fair amount of discipline." Interview with Jason Statham & Li Bingbing
The main character of 'The Meg' was unavailable for the interview, so we had to content ourselves with the human protagonists, that is to say with Jason Statham and Li Bingbing. They share their memories about the challenging underwater filming process and their feelings about the project.
Genius A TV series about the greatest minds in history.
This exciting American TV series aims at presenting some of the great minds in history in a relatable way to the public, showing their less known side as well, while following the story of their life and the development of their work, putting special emphasis on the pivotal points of their career.
The Durrells
Based on the internationally acclaimed autobiographic novel by Gerald Durrell, this series turned out to be a big hit as soon as the first season started to air in 2016. All those people who have loved the Corfu Trilogy fell instantly for the excellent adaptation, and the story gained also some new fans as the series continued.
Film premieres

Bad Times at the El Royale

American, thriller, 141 min., 2018


Danish-Swedish, fantasy, 101 min., 2018

Down a Dark Hall

American-Spanish, fantasy, 96 min., 2018

I Still See You

American, thriller, 96 min., 2018

Dieses bescheuerte Herz

German, tragicomedy, 104 min., 2017

Das schweigende Klassenzimmer

German, historical drama, 111 min., 2018

Juliet, Naked

American, tragicomedy, 105 min., 2018

Könnyű leckék

Hungarian, documentary, 78 min., 2018
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